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Pepe Photoshoot featured in Soccerbible magazine / Umbro

A Photoshoot of legendary footballer Pepe by UK based photographer Jon Roberts. Arranged by Umbro for Soccerbible magazine. Photographed in Madrid, the portraits were designed to give an insight into a more relaxed Pepe, far from his more aggressive reputation.

Pepe’s character is like his performance on pitch, calm and contemplative one moment and exploding with energy (Just look at that grin!) then next. This was the challenge to capture in a snapshot of time.

Lighting was kept bold but to the point to match his character. Styling was also kept to a minimum to allow his personality to stay the priority of the photograph. As ever photographing footballers is a brief affair, their time is very valuable so being prepared and concise with what’s needed in the time slot is key.

Published in issue three of Soccerbible UK

Photographer: Jon Roberts
Assistant : James Hendley
Additional thanks: Umbro team

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